Starting our week of Spring Break, we decided it was the perfect opportunity to go camping for the first time. When I say the first time, is because it is, not because we dint not  wanted to but because we had not taken the decision to do so.
Well we went and bought what we thought was necessary for those days, food, tent, sleeping bags, portable kitchen, eating utensils, etc.
We reached the place and the first thing we saw was a bunch of RV’s and I told my husband, “maybe we are not well prepared.” We started preparing the tent and take things out very proud that we had bought for the trip. Our first night was beautiful, it was very cold, we roast marsmellows the girls ate and went to bed an hour I think very inconvenient, it was only 9 pm, my husband and I took advantage and try to see it as an excellent time to be alone and talk. That first night was magical until it was time to sleep. We went to bed without realizing that there were countless rocks under the tent and was impossible to move, not buy an inflatable mattress never occurred to us.

The next morning we woke up sore and hungry, was 7 in the morning. We decided to start our day so we had breakfast and went for a walk. Beautiful place we went an impressive sight. We were very happy and had a wonderful day, the girls played with stones and even leave a few carrots for rabbits. It was a beautiful experience, and definitely do it again, only next time maybe buy a mattress and bring more blankets and pillows to be more comfortable.

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