Healthy Summer Foods Are Easy to Find

Healthy Summer Foods Are Easy to Find
As summer gets into full swing, healthy eating becomes an increasingly trendy topic. Luckily, it’s easy to find perfectly delicious, healthy food that’s in season throughout the summer, and the fact that there are so many options available makes it easy to adhere to a healthy diet. Depending on where you live, there will be different seasonal options available at different times, so by purchasing what’s readily available, you can create unique recipes that will expand your horizons.

Eating Local
Another perk of utilizing seasonal ingredients that are readily available is that those ingredients will be local, so, in turn, you will be supporting local farmers and producers. Ensuring that your local economy, especially in terms of food, is thriving is a great way to create a more sustainable economy as a whole.
Purchasing locally sourced food also creates sustainable farming and production practices that have less of an impact on the environment. Not only will you be eating food that is healthier, you will be reducing your carbon footprint. There’s a symbiotic relationship that occurs naturally between those who produce food and the consumer when there’s a focus on eating what’s readily available.

The Versatility of Beets
A great vegetable that grows in summer, beets offer a wonderful flavor that can be used in many ways. Beets can be cut up and used raw in salads, roasted and served with goat cheese, or pickled and saved for later use. No matter how they are prepared, beets are packed with antioxidants and are known to be a great anti-inflammatory. Such a tasty, versatile vegetable should have no problem finding its way into your diet.

Tomatoes and Corn
Nothing says summer like these two powerhouses. There is no better time to eat tomatoes than in summer, which is the season for a number of delicious, juicy varieties that grow just about anywhere. Tomatoes are also high in antioxidants and can be used in as many ways as you can think of. Corn is another summer staple; nothing rounds out a summer barbeque like corn on the cob. With these two options available in just about any locale, there’s no reason not to make them frequent additions to your summer diet.

Add Delicious Fruits to Your Diet
Vegetables aren’t the only healthy food readily available during the summer. There are plenty of delicious fruits, too. Berries, watermelon, peaches, and much more are around in the summer and make for tasty, refreshing treats during those hot days. Not to mention, most fruits are rich in essential vitamins. Nothing tastes quite as good as fresh, in-season fruit, which is just another reason to enjoy all the options while they’re at their peak.

Learn New Recipes and Ideas
Yet another benefit of adhering to what’s locally available to you is that you will find new recipes and ideas that you may not have tried previously. By experimenting with new foods that you may have had little experience with, you will be challenging your palate and your cooking regimen. Opening yourself up to new ideas, in terms of cooking and eating, is the best way to discover the most delicious dishes around.
There are plenty of resources that offer recipes and ideas that’ll get you heading down the right path. Hampton Creek is one of many sources of ideas and information. Take advantage of what you can do with fresh food and fresh ideas.

Get the Entire Family Involved
Everything from shopping at your local farmer’s market to going on a berry-picking excursion can be great fun for a family. You can meet the people who make your food, and your kids can take in the knowledge that comes with learning about seasonal ingredients. Don’t hesitate to get everyone involved in the process.

Do What It Takes to Create a Healthy Lifestyle
Simplicity makes everything easier, and your health is no different. If what comes easy happens to be incorporating healthier foods into your diet, you’re sure to take control of your eating habits in a meaningful way. Do what it takes to create a more sustainable, locally driven approach to food and you will be rewarded. Summer is the perfect time to experiment with different options in order to find new combinations that appeal to your taste buds.

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