Our Goals

Hi, thinking about the goals that we intend to start each year and people who need help to accomplish them.

I gather important information on how we can make eating healthy and delicious.

Diets are really successful if we intend to comply with them, but more important to follow a diet is to maintain an ideal weight.

So every week I will be providing information of small things we can change to achieve not only to lose or maintain the weight, but also eating more healthfully.

This way everyone in the family can enjoy delicious and nutritious meals.

I invite you to visit us for this and many more the we will be offering this year.

Thank you.


I will be in Costa Rica for a few days, enjoying the cuisine of the country and its natural beauty, visiting family and friends.

Feel free to keep visiting my site.
Soon I’ll be sharing with you my adventures, recipes and traditions that are typical at this time of year.
Of course I wish you a merry Christmas and remember the best gift is to share with the loved ones.

Holiday Tradition

I want to share this delicious tradition.
In Costa Rica each year we make pork tamales, which are a must on the table this holiday season.
The whole family participates and collaborates in different taskssince this process is very long and tiring. At the end of the day the reward is great, we enjoy the Tamale in the company of our loved ones and is one of the most important moments.
Remember that the family must stay together and traditions are a very important thing to keep forever.

Happy Holidays.

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… A little about myself …

Born and raised in Costa Rica, my passion for cooking started when I was a kid watching my granny cook for us. Little by little she was teaching me some of her secrets and special recipes.  All those special moments I shared with her remain in my memory as the inspiration of my recipes.  Another big inspiration in my life was my father and every time I cook something he is in my mind as a reminder of how important and special is to cook for others.

My goal for this blog is to share with you a little bit of what I learned and my passion for food. Hoping to be a little influence on your own way to cook by giving you ideas and new flavors to experiment on the comfort of your home with your friends and family.

Cooking should never be overwhelming or frustrating, the more fun you have the better and that is what I want to bring here by bringing easy ways to do somehow complicated food. Hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do.