Celebrating with Flavors and Traditions #ad #EstrellaJalisco

We love to celebrate any moment we can and we as a family don’t actually need a specific celebration day to recreate delicious meals from our childhood. And one of the reasons why is because we can just grab a few ingredients and a great and tasty beer like Estrella Jalisco and make a completed book of great memories.

And what a great way to involve the hold family if is not by making some Carne Asda Tacos, yes an afternoon of grilling, some fruits, and a cold drink is all you need to create traditions that can last forever.

And this is one of the reasons why I love Estrella Jalisco Beer because it’s honest, humble, proud and personal and this are attributes we can all relate to, we are as a family very close and we can all be together in one place because we can get together anytime we want with the help of technology.

You don’t need lots of food to make this a memorable day with some corn tortillas, carne asada, various or just one kind of fruit and some refreshing drinks like Estella Jalisco, the afternoon can be as special as any other at my grandmother’s yard, you know those last minute parties just because somebody has beer and meat already in the fridge.

Those are the kind of celebrations I’m talking about, the ones that don’t need a special day on the calendar and are just there to help us remember that we need one an other no mater what time of the day it is.

These are my favorite traditions and the ones I’m trying really hard to pass onto my kids, because at the end these are the most important ones, and the ones we are always going to cherish.

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