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Thanksgiving is around the corner and is a time to spend with family and friends.
SCJ is celebrating Thanksgiving by sponsoring a “Thanksgathering.” The meaning behind is that when families gather, things get messy and you know that SC Johnson can help.

And here your chance to win a AMC $25 gift card or a $500 master card, and if this is not super amazing you can get some coupons too.

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DIY Pencil Holder #1Millon4Edu #CollectiveBias #ad

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #1Millon4Edu #CollectiveBias.

DIY Pencil Holder #1Millon4Edu #CollectiveBias #ad

Let me tell you growing up, the education in my county was good but not always accesible for all the kids. Is very expensive and for most of the families once the kid is ready to go to high school they simple send them to find a job to help the family.
We were very fortunate because my father always had a steady job and thus provide us with the education we needed, buena education buen trabajo, that’s what my father used to said.

Now living here my girls enjoy of a good education and they can be sure that for us as a parents education is always first and one of the things you can do help your local school to keep those help programs open is by supporting the Campbell´s Labels For Education® program.

Programs like this are so simple for us because the only thing you need to do in buy products with the Campbell´s Labels For Education® and they add up points for the school to buy any supplies they need. Just look for the label in the product to make sure you are buy the right one.

You can go to Target or Walmart, there you can find all the products that are participating in this campaign and to make it even more easy for you here’s a List of the Products, to help you have a guide when you go shopping. I went to Target and I find all those them.

#1Millon4Edu #CollectiveBias #ad 3

To make this experience more fun heres a fun way to use those empty cans I know you are going to have a lot, and also a great way to involve your kids and make this experience  more united, tell your friends and family too, we all can help with the program.

#1Millon4Edu #CollectiveBias #ad 4

From August 3 to 9 October Labels For Education ® program has a draw of 1 million Dollars for Education in which 100 schools will have the chance to win $ 10,000. Cut and collect labels to support your school!


Is so easy you only need an empty can, some pain, and paper tissue, and of course some creativity.

#1Millon4Edu #CollectiveBias #ad

First remove the label, and clean the can.Once you have pick the colors, star from the bottom I use white so I can place the name later.Without cleaning your brush, add the next color, and then add the next color to finish with the exterior.

#1Millon4Edu #CollectiveBias #ad 2

In the interior of the can pain heavily and place pieces of paper tissue, this was my little daughter idea, se want it to add a girly touch. Then cut with those fancy looking scissors to give it the final touch.

#1Millon4Edu #CollectiveBias #ad 5

The last step is to place the name of the child, teacher or just for what you want the holder and is ready. Don’t forget to let it dry first.

Be sure to check out more participant products I’d love to hear your favorite!

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Great Values and Lessons with #VeggieTalesFun #WeaveMade #ad

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media® and DreamWorks, but all my opinions are my own. #weavemade #VeggieTalesfun

#VeggieTalesFun #WeaveMade #ad

A while back a dear friend recommended to me a new show the her kids were watching, fun, entertain, and full of great values and lessons of faith.
Of course I was very intrigue and we went directly home that day just to watch the new show.
And let me tell you VeggieTales is not only fun but it is also full of great lessons for my kids, a great understanding of values of faith and a huge deference from others shows too all the snappy songs but you can see how they learn more and more everyday and share with there friends a new way to see the challenges of growing up.

You can follow there adventures on Facebook.

The best news we have this week was to know the now we can have our own VeggieTales at home, and you too, you can fun this funny and amazing characters at your local Walmart and that was exactly what we did.

#VeggieTalesFun waltmart

VeggieTales has been making great songs and shows for years, but now it is time to bring the stories that you love to life with their toys. Your kids will be able to sing and play all day long with the toys available at Walmart.

This was a total adventure definitely going shopping with my girls is really fun. We enter the store and as all of you know it is a BIG store, so we play a game and of course the price was an adorable VeggieTales toy of their choice.

#VeggieTalesFun aisle

We start our game very easy, first we count the aisle, then we read the list in the aisle and last we look for the toys with the picture I show to the girls, as a good VeggieTales always said, togethers is always easy and better to find the solution, so we play until we find the toys.

#VeggieTalesFun #weavemade #ad 2

My girls were so happy and my little daughter, which “won” the game, was so exited to choose the new addition to the family.

Her favorite caracter is Larry, a good friend and companion to all her adventures and share with her friends the good lessons she is learning thanks to the VeggieTales.

I really encourage you to start this adventure with your kids, go and take home one of this amazing friends and watch with your kids the adventures of the VeggieTales, a fun way to learn.

Take the shows that your kids love from the TV to the home with VeggieTales toys! Share how your kids play with their new friendly veggie. Whether it is during a long car ride or right before bedtime VeggieTales are always there to get your kiddos in the right mindset.

#VeggieTalesFun car